Loan Application

You may contact any of our consultants, they will ask you a few simple questions and you will know immediately if you’re eligible to apply.

For Singaporean / Permanent Residents:
1. Identity Card
2. Proof of Residence (Recent Bill or Letter addressed to you.)
3. 12 months CPF contribution
4. 3 years income CPF contribution
5. HDB detail/information
6. Proof of Employment
(a) For Salaried Employed: Staff Pass or Recent Payslip
(b) For Self-Employed: Notice of Assessment for the past 2 years
7. Bring Along Singpass Login

*Singpass password is to be keyed in at our office to show us your income for the past twelve months. None of our staffs will take or keep your password.

For E-Pass/S-Pass Holder:
1. Identity Card / Passport
2. Proof of Employment (Staff Pass, Company Pass, Recent Payslips & Employment Letter)
3. Proof of Residence (Tenancy Agreement)
4. Lastly, your E-pass/S-pass

We have a variety of plans, various weekly, bi-weekly, monthly instalment plans. During application do state which type of plans you would prefer and we will get back with the plans available for your case.


1. DBS/ UOB Fund Transfer
2. Cash Payment

No, not only will there not be any additional fee incurred, there is even an interest rebate for full early repayment! The earlier you make your full early repayment the more interest you’ll save on!

Quick Loan Application

No obligation! Apply now and get quick approval!